Migrate Heroku Postgres Database to AWS RDS - the Complete Guide

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There are compelling reasons why you should consider migrating the default Heroku PostgreSQL addon to Amazon RDS. Long story short, it's cheaper, superior is security, compliance, and robustness.

You can read my blog post for a detailed breakdown of the two platforms:

Why You Should Migrate your Heroku Postgres Database to AWS RDS

If you want to do the migration, but your team is missing the required AWS/DevOps skills, then we’ve got you covered.

The guide describes all the steps required to safely move your Heroku PostgreSQL database to AWS RDS. Starting with adding a new Amazon Web Services account, down to configuring performance alerts sent to email or Slack.

Zero prior AWS experience is required to complete the guide. All the steps are described in a detailed way together with code snippets and AWS console screenshots. The guide is written in a programming language-agnostic way, so it applies to all the backend technologies hosted on Heroku.

Table of contents

Contents of RDS migration guide eBook

Contents of RDS migration guide

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Company version: $99 you can share it with everyone in your company.

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For the price of a single developer-hour you’ll save dozens of research work hours and avoid unexpected downtime, irreversible data loss or corruption. Trust me; I’ve been there…

The following topics are covered:

  • choosing RDS instance config for your application
  • configuring the network and security groups
  • setting the correct PostgreSQL config for optimal performance and security
  • adding redundant cross-account backups
  • calculate the expected downtime before starting the migration
  • minimize migration downtime using PostgreSQL CLI tools and database analysis
  • configure database health checks and performance alerts

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