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Screencast - My Ruby on Rails IDE editor Workflow, Productivity Tips and Tools

An image respresenting live coding and Rails IDE editor productivity tools. Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

In this screencast, I implement an improvement to subscription payments handling in my side project Abot. I show my typical Ruby on Rails editor workflow, productivity tools, and techniques.

[Duration] 25m

Abot - Anonymous Feedback, Polls and Surveys for Slack Teams

Be Focused Pro - Focus Timer - Pomodoro timer

Magnet App - MacOS windows management - script for blocking distracting websites - my shell aliases

Vintage Mode - Vim mode in Sublime Text

Oh My Zsh - better bash

Z plugin - quick folders navigation

Zeus gem - Rails app preloader

Smart Init gem - unified service objects API

P.S. This is my first try at screencasting. Feedback on quality, format etc. is appreciated.

Pawel Urbanek Full Stack Ruby on Rails developer avatar

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